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Last night was an excellent way of starting things up this expansion.  While we were a bit rusty for the first two bosses, I really saw an improvement as the rest of the night progressed.  Well done to all of you!

There were a lot of mechanics to look out for this time around.  Once everyone got to see what was happening, things just seemed to click.  I think Il'gynoth will remain as the fight to improve the most on.  I look forward to seeing that fight again with all of you!

Now that we are 6 of 7 bosses down in Normal Emerald Nightmare, the next step will be to finish normal mode next week.  Study up on the fights we experienced last night, refresh yourself pre-raid so that we don't have to do it for everyone, and I'm sure we'll see Xavius fall next week.

After that, we'll probably give it one more shot on Normal mode to finalize what we've learned, and then push into Heroic.  Slight changes to mechanics will exist, but I know this team can handle it.

Raid Performance:

I was very happy with what I saw last night.  Lots of personal responsibility was placed on all of you, and I was happy to see how each of you reacted.  There are some tweaks that still need to occur, but overall, well done to each of you!

Next week I will be expecting players to be gemming, enchanting, and consuming flasks.  Please seek out players within the guild who may have a profession that helps better yourself as a player.

Please Continue to Sign up:

Please continue to sign up via the in-game calendar.  I will be using this to invite players and determine what I need for raid composition.  Again, if your name isn't on the calendar and invites have gone out, you put me in a crappy situtation of choosing (on the fly) who I am bringing into the raid.

Moving to Discord:

We'll be moving to a new VOIP program - Discord - either next week or the following.  I would recommend you download the program now and test it out here and there.  If you have questions, many of our guild members already know a great deal about it.  Ask around.

Other thoughts:

Short and sweet today.  Great job to all of you!  Feel free to join pugs to mess around in Emerald Nightmare!

Orders stand: Be excellent!

triie LOVED last night and love all of you!! That was so much fun - and I'm up for this weekend. Count me in!!
Zekkin It was a good raid! Way to go SA!
Powaqqatsi Last night's raid was AWE. SOME. It felt so good to be back raiding with everyone, and to be able to bring all our ...

Raiding Roster is Live

Bleu posted Sep 16, 16

Back when I joined Sapere Aude, it was a small guild and could barely fill a 10-man raid group.  As we began to acquire new members here and there, something began to click.

The announcement of Warlords brought even more players into our community, and we filled our first 20+ raid with much success.

The tides of Warlords ebbed and flowed, but overall, we kept a strong raid group and were able to down a couple of Mythic encounters with what we had.

Then the annocement of Legion hit.  Not only did we have lots of returning members, but even more were knocking on our door now.

With that, we currently stand with an interested raiding roster of about 40 members.  That. Is. Insane.

Raiding Roster:

Legion has been out for almost three weeks now, and that means our first raid of the expansion will be occuring this Thursday!  I've asked that each of you identify if you are interested in raiding and in what spec (see post HERE and please update.)

With what has been presented to me, I have created our raiding roster for the 22nd of September: LINK

Few things here...  

1) If you do not see your name in the spec you were hoping for, I apologize.  This is the best we can do with what we have.

2) If you see your name in the backup column, this does not mean you won't be raiding.  It simply means you are benched unless someone doesn't show.  You should STILL SHOW UP just in case.

3) Veteran raiders were given top choice before anyone else was considered.  A tip of the hat to those members.

If you'd like to chat more on this with me, I will be happy to tall via whispers or mumble.

Being Accepted to the Raid:

I cannot stress the importance of this enough...  With your name on the raiding roster, you MUST sign up on the in-game calendar to solidify your spot these coming raids.  With 30+ members interested in raiding, I will take the first 30 players who have signed up ON THE CALENDAR and are on my roster for raiding.  It is NOT fair to me, nor your guild members to not sign up and then ask for a spot when I have already filled.  It puts me in a crap situtation of having to sit one of you when either of you thought you would have a spot for that week.


Raiding Ready:

Hoping everyone will make the best effort to have as good of gear as they can afford by raid next Thursday.  My requirement stands (ilvl 815), but I am really hoping players make the effort to be closer or above ilvl 830.  That being said, ask me for help if you want to run something.

I am also asking that you quickly take a look at what encounters we will be seeing come this Thursday.  You don't have to memorize them, but have a good idea of what you will be doing that day.

Also, PLEASE update your mods (DBM, etc.) BEFORE raid night.

Stacking Mythics:

Last night went fairly well, as far as I heard.  We had 25+ members running mythic dungeons last night, so thank you to everyone who came out to participate.  Remember: you don't need me to set an event like this up.  Grab some members and go for it!

Raid Overflow - Sunday Night Alt Raid

Eleph popping in here quick.

In the past, we had a number of players who could not make the Thursday night raid; mainly, this was due to a scheduling conflict. While scheduling conflicts still exist for some, we will likely see others not make the Thursday roster due to the fact that there simply are no open spots. Given this, we'd like to explore whether there's enough interest to run a Sunday Night Alt Raid. It would be a non-mandatory raid for 1) those who missed Thursday 2) alts of Thursday raiders 3) mains who want to practice or help out. 

The existence of this event relies solely on interest. Ideally, we don't want to pug half the group. If this is something you're interested in at all, please get in touch with me and/or watch for a poll to pop up in the forums in the near future. 

Other thoughts:

Excited to see new content with all of you!  Looking forward to it!

Orders stand: Be excellent!

Elepheagle I hope melee raiders are ready to get cozy!

Hey team!  Hope Legion has been treating you well and you're looking forward to the next wave of raids.  In fact, our next raid date will be the 22nd!  Only two weeks away.  Are you prepared?

Being Prepared for Raid Night:

So you want to join us for the first raid night?  Sounds like a plan.  However, there will be some obstacles that everyone will have to meet in order to join us.

We're looking for an ilvl no lower than 815.  Considering heroic dungeons are dropping 825 base gear, that shouldn't be too hard to reach.  This will prove to me and the other Council Elders that you are willing to take some time our of your schedule to learn your class and gear up.  If you're having trouble joining a group or are afraid to, send a message into guild chat.  Heroics can drop a max of 850 gear and they award Artifact Power, so it should be easy to wrangle up a few players.

The next obstacle will be who actually signs up and is online.  Currently, we have 39 interested players in raiding with us.  The problem: we can only take 30 into Normal and Heroic.  While we will need balance out the roles (2 tanks, 6 heals, 22 DPS), it will be a matter of who actually signs up on the in-game calendar on who will get an invite.  I cannot promise a position to *anyone* if they don't take the time to sign up on the calendar.  I will be creating a new event for everyone to sign up on tonight.

Finally, respect the rules of the raid.  If you are not familiar with them, please click HERE to read them.  Gems, enchants, flasks and potions will not be required the first time through, but they do make progression a LOT easier.  Please read and respect.

Raid Plans:

Our first goal is the completion of Normal Emerald Nightmare.  This does not mean that we will not dip our toes into Heroic before the completion of Normal, however.  If a fight isn't as taxing on players, we will make sure to up the difficultly accordingly.

Afterwards, we will be hitting up Heroic Emerald Nightmare, pushing for the "Ahead of the Curve" achievement.

Once we have this content on farm and we have people geared up, then and ONLY then will we consider jumping into Mythic Emerald Dream. I cannot reiterate it enough that the goal of this guild has NEVER been the completion of current Mythic content.  WoD was a tad different simply because we had nothing left to do in Heroic HFC.

Raid Loot:

Loot will be pretty simple this time around.  Since the Emerald Nightmare holds no tier pieces, we will be rocking personal for the entire raid. HOWEVER, because personal loot can be traded now (if you have an equal or higher ilvl of that which drops), if you get an item you DO NOT WANT OR NEED, please send a tell to the "Loot Master," who will announce the item in chat and a roll will occur for those who want it.  Once that has been done, the original owner will pass the item to the person with the highest roll.

Once the next raid after The Emerald Nightmare comes into our sights, the plan will be simliar to what we have done in the past: Personal Loot for all raid bosses expect those with tier.  Tier pieces will be prioritized to tanks and healers at the start, then move down to DPS.

On another note, make sure your loot spec is set to what you want it to be, whether it be DPS, Heal, or Tank.


Performance will NOT play a huge role in the first raids we jump into.  Again, we'll be rocking Normal/Heroic, but only when we find ourselves at a wall we cannot pass will we start talking with players on their performance.  I urge each and every one of you to practice your rotations, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and learn from your mistakes.

"Dare to be Wise" - that is our motto.  A saying I think back to each time I am about to act on something, whether it be in game or in my real life.  I dare all of you to be wise and think of what you can do to better yourself each time you set foot into our new landscape.


New rankings (Zealot) will be awarded to those who show up on time, perform well, and carry out the commands I give during raid.  Do this and you may even find yourself reaching for Primarch one day.

Zealots are guaranteed a spot on our raiding roster and have extra perks within the guild that others do not.  Please see the link HERE for more information on ranks.

Treat Each Other with Respect:

I've seen a lot of positive activity in guild these past two weeks.  I'm very happy with what I see as well.  Please continue to be excellent to each other and treat those outside of our home with respect.  I cannot thank you enough for making what we have here in Sapere Aude what it is today.

Mumble vs. Discord:

Have you seen this new Discord program?  What are your thoughts on it?  What do you like?  What do you hate?  If we were to switch from Mumble to Discord, would you hate it?  Let me know in the comments below your thoughts.

Other Thoughts:

Think my brain just took a massive dump on the front page.  Think I got everything.

Really enjoying Legion a lot with all of you.  Can't wait to see what the Emerald Nightmare brings.

Orders stand, ladies and gents: BE EXCELLENT.  Dismissed.

Keggers Yay for Discord! I've been using it the last couple of weeks and absolutely love it. It has its flaws but it's...
Bjolna 1) Discord is a great system with a lot of features over mumble. I would definitely prefer it. 2) 815ilvl is REALLY low...