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Our optional raid went over very well last night.  Every person who joined was able to complete the achievements within HFC and earn themselves a neat looking mount, tainted with Fel.

I hope everyone had a good night!  I, personally, had a ball throwing the eye of Anzu all over the place.

Legion and DDOS Attacks Approach:

They come!  I will likely be spending some next next week trying to grind my character to 110, but I have a good feeling there will be so many DDOS attacks that I will be crying in the corner like I did when WoD dropped.  *shudders*

Goals and Excitement:

Let me know below, but what are your goals for this week befor Legion drops?

What are your goals during Legion?

What are you most excited for?

Other thoughts:

Short and sweet.  I look forward to hanging with those going through the pain of day 1 with me.  I also look forward to hanging with those starting the following week.

Orders stand: Be excellent!

Tremed if anyone wants a pocket healer I'll most likely be on right at launch
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Elepheagle I've got 12 toons at max-level so right now it's really boiling down to figuring out which alt I'll work ...

That's all Folks!

Bleu posted Aug 19, 16

Ladies and Gents, it's been a pleasure!  Thank you for making this expansion fun and enjoyable.  If it hadn't been for all of you, I don't think this expansion would have held my attention for as long as it did.

Speaking of being in good Company...

Just a friendly reminder that we, as a group, need to strive to be our best - whether that be in raid combat or in the way we conduct ourselves.  Please remember to act the way you would want to be treated: derogatory slander and slurs are frowned upon in guild chat, in raid and in mumble.  Please be sure to leave that attitude at the door.  Thanks!

WoD Raiding:

It's over!  What did you think?  What was your favorite fight?  What moments will you look upon with great fondness?

A couple that come to my mind are our first Heroic Blackhand kill, the jokes we made about Kegg's bag of grass, officially naming Greg, and our first Heroic Archimonde kill.  Thank you to everyone who helped make those positive memories for me!

Optional/Achievement Raid:

We have an achievement raid coming up next week!  This will earn yourself a new mount and a few points to make your neighbors' jealous. Please be sure to sign up on the calendar!

Legion Raiding:

Continue to play with your class/spec this coming month.  Try to narrow down what spec/class you'll be raiding with in Legion and report back to me once you have decided!  I, personally, am very glad we got into HM this week.  It allowed me to test out two specs and see which felt more smooth...  Destruction FTW!

Guild Rank Sweep:

We made a bit of a boo-boo when it comes to administering our general raid ranks, mainly pertaining to returning players. We'll be fixing that this week. Read more here.


Bacon Love:

Since I always promise bacon for clicking: BACON

Other thoughts:

Nothing this week, guys!  Might take a small break posting until Legion hits.  Please continue to visit the forums and post!

Orders stand: Be excellent!

Conanar Welp there's one xpac down tanking raids here and I plan to stay for more. Thanks to all who came out to make a d-...
Aydien Thank you Bleu and the officer core for a wonderful xpack. I may have grabbed a break due to home but you guys have made...

I... I see Demon Hunters...

Bleu posted Aug 12, 16

Another week gone, another week closer to Legion.  How you feeling?  Have you tried out the new Demon Hunter class?  What do you think of it?  We've had 3 or 4 players switch from their main characters over to Demon Hunters.  Their guild notes have been updated to display that as such.  ...So much purple...

Scheduled Raid and Achievement Run:

Out last scheduled raid is coming up this Thursday.  After that, we'll be taking a break until the first Legion raid opens up to us.  There is, however, a HFC Achievement Run the following Thursday (26th of August).  Remember, you do not have to show up if you aren't interested, but the more, the merrier!  Should be some pieces of transmog available as well (since it will be normal mode).


Make sure to take advantage of these invasions to get your transmog gear.  It won't be around forever.  Very cool sets, if you ask me.  Apparently some of the items (2-handed sword and Intellect Staff) are bugged and refuse to drop.  Keep an eye on the WoW forums and don't burn yourself out looking for them.

Your Class/Spec:

How does it feel to you right now?  Are you happy with the changes?  Are you jumping around to check out the styles of your other toons?  Before the first raid, I will need everyone to solidify what you will be playing.  Please check out the forum post HERE.

<Placeholder> A Note on Council Elders

Since we're about to jump back into the full swing of things with Legion on the horizon, we wanted to take a moment to explain the officer role. Read it here. 

Other Thoughts:

Nothing else to report on.  Guys and gals, have a wonderful weekend!

Orders stand: be excellent!

Powaqqatsi I'm excited to see so many new and returning faces! ...or names, as the case may be.
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