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And down goes Spellbinder, making us 5/10H in Nighthold and half way through to our goal! Very nice job to everyone!

Some solid progress was made on Tichondrius last night as we tweaked our strategy here and there. Keep honing your skills and next time we'll see a kill!

Excellent job!

In our Line of Sight:

As I said, Tichondrius will be in our sights for a kill next week, as well as Star Augar.  Please read up and be ready to pull at 7:15PM Server next week!

Tier Pieces:

Did you get some tier last night that we may not know about?  Please let Kurocha, Elepheagle or myself know so that we can update our notes accordingly!

Calendar Sign Ups:

A few players have fallen off the path of signing up.  While it may not seem like a big issue, it really helps me to plan for the coming raid.  Please sign up in advance if you know you can make it!

Alt Night:

The alt night has officially switched from Heroic Emerald Nightmare to Normal Nighthold!  If you're interested in joining up to grab some extra pieces that you missed on your main, or wish to bring an alt to the group, please sign up and show up! 

This is also a great way to finish the quest within to skip directly to Gul'dan!

Other thoughts:

Have an great weekend, everyone! I think it's extra long for some people (due to Monday being a 'holiday'), so go out and enjoy it!

Orders stand: Be excellent!

Continuing Forward

Bleu posted Feb 10, 17

I set a hefty goal last night, and even though we didn't make it, we got some good kills in.  Sapere Aude now sits at 4/10 Heroic Nighthold!

Thanks to all of you for pushing as hard as you did. High Botanist Tel'arn is a pain with so many mechanics, and it doesn't help when it bugs on us (insta-teleport mobs.)

Next week, we'll kill the first four we got to again, as well as some attempts on the Spellbinder.  High Botanist just needs a little more DPS and survivability right now. Mechanics don't seem like an issue, for the most part.  Some tweaking needed, but we'll get there.

Spellbinder and Tichondrius:

Please read up and watch a video or two on the fights.  Mechanics have changed in Heroic mode and require you to understand what your positioning will do to you. This will be our goal next week.

Tier Pieces:

There's a post on Discord for you to identify tier you've gathered. I believe it is up-to-date, but if you see something amiss, please let us know.

Guild Meetup:

Looks like everyone who was interested in responding has done so. A new post on location will be up later this weekend. Look for it and provide your feedback.

Other thoughts:

Stay warm and keep doing what you do, guys and gals!

Be excellent!

Last night was our fastest clear of normal mode yet.  We finished Gul'dan with just an hour or so left to spare, and we spent it on some Heroic bosses, earning us the 2/10 Heroic Kills! Well done to all of you!

Moving Forward:

We'll be in Heroic mode from now on, with Gul'dan being our final goal. I'll really need players to be on their A-game moving forward.  Trilliax was a nice reminder that this wouldn't be a cakewalk for us.  Prepare yourselves for progression!

Alt Raid/Super Bowl:

So the Super Bowl is this Sunday, and I'm sure a few of you will be watching.  At this point, the alt-raid for this week is up in the air.  If enough people are on/sign up, be a leader and pull players in! Elepheagle and myself will not be online, though Kurocha may be, but anyone else can start this up.  Clear what you can and have some fun!  Maybe go for some achieves! 

Guild Meetup:

There is a post going on about the guild meetup. Still need some feedback from you if you're interested, when you'd want it to be, etc.  Nothing is set in stone, but we need to get moving to where things will be sooner than later.

Other thoughts:

Sorry for the lack of video, posts, etc. this week.  Been hell for me at work.  Making this post short as well.

I'll get the video posted this weekend of our original Gul'dan kill.

Orders stand: be excellent!

Stryn Ha - you said cakewalk.