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Dreaming of Waking Up

Bleu posted Fri at 9:02

Sapere Aude is now 6/7 Heroic! Congrats to all of you!  Overall, I've heard Cenarius is the most unforgiving of all the fights in Emerald Nightmare. Xavius is a very mechanic heavy fight, so excuting each mechanic correctly will be key to his downfall.  Read up on the fight, watch a video or two and come prepared to down him in the coming week(s).

Special congrats to the first Zealots of the expansion: Icedalar, Radacek, Zekkin and Zykronz

Cenarius put to Bed:

We saw a total of 4 or 5 pulls before Cenarius was laying on the ground - that is pretty insane considering how much time we've actually spent on this guy.  It's also because all of you take the effort to push yourselves to the max, allowing us to see as many bosses fall each night as we do.  Thank you.  Remember the hard hitting points from last night and try to think of ways to better your own performance for next time.

Ending the Nightmare:

Xavius is next on our list for kills.  Study up and be prepared to hit him hard next week.  I have no doubt that if we put our best foot forward we will see him go down in a pull or two.

New Content:

There is a new mini-raid being released next week.  The discussion on what will happen will be tossed around and a decision will be made for when we come back together next Thursday.


So a new boss has been found in Gnomeregan, and he hits like a TRUCK.  But there have also been other secrets found throughout the world.  There is also a tweet from a developer on how something BIG hasn't been found yet...  Take some time and explore your class hall as well as the world around you. There may be some details that we've looked over. Check out new findings and add your own HERE.

Other thoughts:

Keeping it short this week. And what a week it has been.

Orders stand!  Be excellent!

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And They All Fall Down

Bleu posted Oct 14, 16

Every boss we encountered in The Emerald Dream fell to the floor last night.  We started off with Normal Cenarius and Xavius to wake ourselves up, and then we hit Heroic hard.  Where did we find ourselves at the end of the night?  Five of seven!

Thank you, each of you, for being on your A-game last night!  Your efforts not only met my expectations, but far exceeded them as well!  This is what I love about this group!  Keep it up!

Moving Forward - Raiding:

As I said last night, we will continue to be pushing through Heroic content from this point forward.  Please be prepared with flasks, food, pre-pot potions and gunpowder charges.

Take a look at the logs as well (HERE) to see where you can better improve yourself for the next round.

Cenarius and Xavius are on the horizon, but we must remain vigilant in our efforts on the prior bosses.  Remember what you have learned and use it to push us through EN even faster next week.

On the topic of moving forward faster - we won't be using the trash skip method next time. It used Blizzard reset mechanics in a way they were not designed, and we're not about cheesing the system.  Besides, we may see an epic drop!


It seems that on average we're seeing 3 to 4 Legendaries drop each week in the guild.  Keep your head up and don't let the fact that you may not have one get you down.  Your time will come!  Best way to get them seems to be Mythic+, Mythic and Heroic dungeons.  Run a few with your guildies this weekend to test your luck!

Calendar Invites (Raiding):

Experienced a little bit of a clash yesterday in terms of who I was bringing in...  I need everyone to make the effort to sign up on the calendar 24 hours in advance of the following raid (event will be LOCKED at 7:15PM Server on Wednesday moving forward).  If you have not signed up before then, I cannot consider you for a position if we are full on players - this goes for veterans and pupils alike.

If someone has to bail at the last minute or does not show up, that is when I will bring in a standby member into the ranks.  If you have questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to seek me out and we can chat.


The alt-raid (led by Eleph) has been moved back an hour to accommodate for TV time!  It will now be held around 6PM Server on Sundays.

Did you miss the Normal raid?  Sign up!  Looking to see if you can get another piece of loot to drop from Normal?  Sign up!  Want to practice your rotation? Sign up!

Guild Bank Materials:

We're still starving a tad on materials for flasks and tomes to change our talents each fight.  We've used some guild resources (as well as dontations) to keep us at a happy spot, but we still need your help!  If you want to make some easy cash without using the AH, the guild bank will be happy to pay you for certain materials at AH price (and with no % cut!) Seek myself (Bleu) or one of the officers to discuss this topic more.

Other thoughts:

Great job, per usual team!  I didn't even have to pull the "Okay, last pull of the night" card.  A+ work!

Cannot wait to get back in there to see if all fall even faster!

Orders stand, people: Be Excellent!

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Heroic Nythendra fell pretty easily last night.  Once everyone got on board with the idea that mechanics, most everyone was still up and running.  After that, we hit up Ursoc to see what we could do in terms of a single target/stand in the charge fight.  SO freaking close to downing him.  Very nice job to all of you!  Next week, I have no doubt we'll see 2 new heroic bosses fall for us.

Raiding Next Week:

This next coming raid, we'll be going back into normal mode to kill Cenarius and Xavius, enabling us to skip a good portion of the raid if we ever decide to go back.  From that point forward, we'll be focusing our kills within Heroic mode.  Dragons of Nightmare and Ursoc are our goals.

For Ursoc, I'm looking for players to be pulling around ~200k DPS in order to beat the enrage timer.  Heals were spot on last night and left me impressed.  If we had that little extra push, I know Ursoc would have been defeated.  No worries though!  Next week!

Performance, Flasks, and Food:

Now that we're really into the progression side of things, I'm going to be holding everyone a little more accountable for their performance. We *need* you to be flasked.  We *need* you to be well fed.  We *need* you to be paying attention to mechanics. And I *need* you all to be smashing your buttons as if the boss is at 1% and you're the last one up.  If we find a little too much slack somewhere, actions may be taken.

Discord vs. Mumble:

It was so nice not having to push to talk last night - it significantly helped my DPS.  I hope you're all enjoying the program.  Please let us know if you are having issues with it and we'll try to help you out.


Mythic+ are great for gear and focusing in on your skills, for tanks, DPS and Heals.  Ask around and see if you can form a group.  Don't be afraid of them!  They are worth your time and effort.

Sunday Alt Raid:

Missed a couple bosses this week in Normal?  Sign up for the alt raid this Sunday if you're interested.

Other thoughts:

Pleaes keep gearing and be prepared for next week.  Be excellent, everybody!

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